Customer Reviews

"Where will you be next? My son got the confetti berry strawberries and loved at St Augustine!!!"
Melissa H
"We attended the Applefest today and like every festival we attend we had to have Barb's Fruit Fashions. Hands down the best food vendor around. The ladies always have a huge smile on their faces. And the cheesecake covered in chocolate and drizzled with raspberry are absolutely amazing. My little one loves the chocolate dipped strawberries as well. If you get a chance to catch a festival, this food truck is a must, she never disappoints. Thanks again for making our day ladies.”
- Dave Odell
"I had a frozen cheesecake with chocolate and raspberry.  It was delicious!!"
- Carol M.
"Please keep coming back to Chester so sinfully good"
Stacy P.
"I bought the strawberry lemonade intending to add an adult beverage to it at home. Unfortunately, it was dead-on-arrival at home. Really refreshing and yummy. Slurp!
- Sue S.
"Im so happy I took my Chocolate oreo covered cheesecake was sooo DELICIOUS"
- Jennifer C.
"Your desserts were a big hit!  So glad you are at this location."
– Kim L.
"Yum! Thanks Barb. That was refreshing"
- Eileen Dory F.
- Felice Diane
- At Your Service by Christine